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KEESS Steel Raised-Floor for Intelligent Buildings

Advanced spot welding technical structure is applied to the top and bottom of the raised floor, and in the middle is filled with lightweight cement. In this way, the finished products feature high strength and durability. The surface of the raised floor can be covered with various PVC or carpet tiles, making the appearance clean and beautiful, facilitating the cable layout. It’s classified as two types: one is with the corner lock; the other is without corner lock.

The supporting system is a structure with special designed aluminium head pedestals and the superior steel sheet bottom, the four corner-lock holes and aluminium head pedestals are directly licked stably, which makes position highly accurate, raised floor flat, structure simple and installation easy. After completing installation, all kinds of cables can be distributed and maintained as long as lightly lifting panels, so it is safe and convenient for users in process of using.

Features :

β€’ High strength, anti-corrosion and sustainable

β€’ Supported by shock absorbing pedestal and stringer; flat,hard and traffic friendly

β€’ Good conductivity and anti-static

β€’ Sufficient room between floor and ground for laying of utilities

β€’ Flexible height adjustment and relocatable

β€’ Maintenance and cleaning friendly

Applications :

β€’ E-Office

β€’ Factory

β€’ Meeting Venue

β€’ Utility Room

β€’ Warehouse

β€’ Heavy-Traffic Area

Brands :




β€’ MIRO